Ted's Fighting for Us

Ted's Fighting For Us
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Here are some of our most recent contributors:

Representative Greg Mcpherson
Representative Greg Mcpherson

I support Ted Kulongoski for reelection because he has shown the courage and determination to do what's right for Oregon. He led the state out of a deep recession. Now that Oregon has come back from the dark days of early 2003, we need his leadership more than ever. Ted understands that we should invest in our people because most problems are solvable when Oregonians are working at good jobs.

Anita Lanning, Redmond

I strongly support Ted's re-election as Governor of Oregon. Throughout his public career as a State Representative, Senator, Insurance Commissioner, Attorney General, Supreme Court Justice, and Governor, Ted has proved time and time again his commitment to the citizens of Oregon and has worked on our behalf. He has advocated social services such as health care, affordable child care, and energy assistance for low-income residents, as well as providing family wage jobs and food for the hungry. Ted shares my concern for global warming, recognizing its detrimental effects on all of us, and he has a long-standing commitment to protecting the environment, including recent efforts to clean up the Willamette River, stop ocean pollution and preserve our natural resources. As a grandparent, I am concerned about my grandchildren's future in the great state of Oregon we are fortunate to call home. With Ted at the helm, I know my family is in good hands.

State Representative Mitch GreenlickRepresentative Mitch Greenlick

I'm supporting Ted because he really cares about the people of Oregon. We need Ted in the Governor's office to lead the way.

Jim Ogle

Governor Ted Kulongoski has been attentive to Lake County with his efforts to establish the weir on the Chewacan River above Paisley. He has also initiated work with ODOT to study improvements on Highway 140 east of Lakeview. This is a critical link for Lake County and southern Oregon.
He and his family vacation in Lake County. He has camped at Marsters Springs and fished the Chewacan.
He has also made efforts to improve school funding in eastern Oregon counties.
We need Ted for another term.

Ben Talley, Independent Living Specialist, Past Umatilla County Democrats ChairBen Talley

Governor Kulongoski began office during one of Oregon’s most trying economic periods: the highest unemployment in the nation with the deepest recession the state has seen since the Great Depression, a budget deficit destined to break the back of education and public services, and a serious unfunded liability in PERS.
Today Oregon’s unemployment rate has plummeted to about 5 percent, job growth is twice the national average, PERS is back on track, and education and public services are holding steady.
My supervisor once advised me to judge a leader by first taking into account the sack on his back. Although Ted inherited a terrible load, we are very much better off today than four years ago. Judging by this standard, I judge Governor Ted’s leadership to be “stellar.”

Liam Rosen, graduate Clackamas High School, University of Puget Sound Class of ‘09

Ted is the only candidate to show adequate support for Oregon schools. He realizes that education is a top priority, superceding big business interests. As a product of our public school system, I’ll happily be voting for Ted Kulongoski this November.

Jerry Smith, MSW, retired social worker and advocate for people with disabilities

Oregon under Democratic leadership lead the country in public education, public health and welfare, environmental concerns, and public safety.For 15 years of Republican control the state's positive public infrastructure has dwindled to a disgrace. We need Ted Kulongoski and a Democratic legislature to restore Oregon toward recovery in all these areas: pubic education; public health and welfare: public safety; and environmental integrity.

Karole StocktonKarole Stockton

I proudly support Ted Kulongoski for Governor of Oregon – again. Thanks to Ted’s significant accomplishments for the citizens of Oregon in education, health care, veterans affairs, employment, wages, statewide road & bridge infrastructures, violence-free domestic issues, law enforcement, public safety and so much more, I can support him even more enthusiastically than previously. The man never sits still! He has established an enviable track record of accomplishments and does it all maintaining a strong, tenacious, confident attitude but with style and grace. There is absolutely no fanfare or showboating with this man. Ted Kulongoski will look you in the eye, shake your hand, ask “How are you?” and really mean it. He is ‘real people’ and he is all about Oregon and its citizens.

C. Michael Arnold, Creswell School Board MemberC. Michael Arnold

Ted is the right choice for rural Oregon and the right choice for education.

Ana Howard, West Linn

I support Ted Kulongoski because I can look up to him as a leader. I am in the 8th grade and I want to get into politics after college.

Mel Neagle

I have always voted for the "NOT" candidate. I did "NOT" vote for Nix..., I did "NOT" vote for Reg..., etc. To do that I would simply vote for the other candidate.
I personally met Ted about 28 years ago. Since then I have always made it a point to have my voter registration up to date to vote FOR Ted.

Roger Traweek, Powell Butte

I've known Ted personally and professionally for more than 30 years. If there's one thing I know about him it is that he is a champion for the working person. He authored and gained passage of legislation in Oregon granting public employees the right to bargain collectively more than 30 years ago. This single act has significantly changed for the better the lives of thousands of Oregonians then and to this day. Oregonians in all walks of life will continue to benefit from his leadership as Governor. That's why I support Ted.

Jim Rassman, Florence

I support Ted Kulongoski because he is a man that means what he says and stands behind his words. Ted practices subordinating self interest to public service. I know that the citizens of Oregon can count on Ted to do the right thing.

Genie Uebelacker, Secretary, Democratic Party of Oregon

My one reason is because he is concerned and cares about working people and seniors (basically the middle class). I also think he's done a good job in getting new, environmentally-friendly businesses in Oregon. I like his stance on education too for without an excellent educational system in this state we lose businessess - so the 2 are literally joined at the hip.
You can be assured I will be phone banking and talking 'til my voice is hoarse and my fingers are sore. We've got to get Ted back in AND with a majority in the House!

Bert Vaughn, Lane County

I support Ted for his reelection bid for governor because I realize he has done a lot to help the Oregon economy, demanding assistance from the Commerce Department. Ted has also initiated and enforced a gay and lesbian task force to help ensure equality for sexual minorities. He has listened to his constituents and vetoed bills not in the best interests of the state.

Gary Quick, Democratic Precinct Committeeman of Umatilla County and Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers and Trainmen member, Local #362Gary Quick

I support Ted for his long time involvement in positive labor issues. Ted recognizes that a healthy economy depends on reliable family wage jobs that offer health and retirement benefits for workers. The labor movement built the middle class in this country and in many corners is being pushed out of existence. Ted understands the need for union representation and a fair and equitable bargaining environment. Many may view this as a 'one issue' letter of support but without quality, good paying jobs and a voice in workplace issues our economy in Oregon will become even more volatile and our tax structure will suffer as a result. Education, law enforcement, health care, environmental issues and public transportation all rely on the tax dollars our workers. Union wage jobs support this tax structure in a far greater way than in the past and it is imperative that we support Ted in supporting positive labor issues to keep these jobs and create new jobs in Oregon.

Posted on August 29, 2006