Ted Takes A Stand For Oregon's Oceans

Ted took yet another step in defending Oregon's environment on Monday as he joined the Governors of Washington and California in pledging to protect and preserve our shared ocean.

"Our oceans provide critical economic, environmental and social benefits to the Pacific coast states," Governor Kulongoski said on Monday. "Today's historic agreement will mean clean water, healthy oceans and a better future for our children."

Washington Governor Christine Gregoire joined Ted at the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry to announce the historic partnership. The two governors stood with California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger via satellite as he announced the agreement.

Two recent reports from American's leading panels of ocean experts, the Pew Oceans Commissions and the US Commission on Ocean Policy, suggested a need to address ocean health immediately. Driven by inaction from the federal government, the three western governor sought to draw attention to this pressing issue. "It's harder for the federal government to ignore us if we speak with a common voice," Governor Schwarzenegger said.

Under the agreement, the three states will tap into the knowledge of experts in the field, commissions, and independent groups in pursuit of common goals:
• Ensuring clean coastal waters and beaches;
• Protecting and restoring healthy ocean and coastal habitats;
• Promoting the effective implementation of ecosystem-based management of our ocean and coastal resources;
• Reducing adverse impacts of offshore development;
• Increasing ocean awareness and literacy among our citizens;
• Expanding ocean and coastal scientific information, research, and monitoring; and
• Fostering sustainable economic development throughout our diverse coastal communities.

Within six months, the states will:
1. Call upon the President and Congress to provide sufficient funding to address the threat of nonpoint
source pollution along our coasts, thought to be the number one water pollution control issue for coastal
states. Successful implementation of the federal Coastal Nonpoint Source Pollution Control Program by
the states will require a commitment of federal dollars beyond current levels.
2. Send a joint message to the President and Congress reinforcing our opposition to oil and gas leasing,
exploration, and development off our coasts.
3. Support development of a regional research plan for the West Coast in coordination with the National
Sea Grant Office, academia, and other research institutions. Request funding and technical assistance
to support key efforts, such as ocean observation programs, and sea floor and habitat mapping, which
will be critical tools to address issues of regional significance.
4. Request the White House Council on Environmental Quality, in its role to facilitate the implementation
of the U.S. Ocean Action Plan, to assist the three states in requesting and receiving technical assistance
from federal agencies to address issues of regional significance.

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Posted on September 19, 2006
Environment, Front Page News