$10,000 From The Netroots!

$10,000 From The Netroots!The Oregon netroots rose to our Bowling Challenge, successfully raising $10,000 towards Ted's reelection. We knocked over a pin for every $100 donated; $1000 finished off a frame; and the 10 frames of a normal bowling game produced the $10,000.

We are extremely grateful for everyone who donated in this effort. We have just launched our first television advertisement, and this money will help keep that ad on the air and help fight back against Republican Ron Saxton's attacks. Any more that you could donate to help these efforts would be greatly appreciated. Click here to donate.

We could also use citizen endorsements. We are posting endorsements from around the state in Ted's Fighting For Us to show Ted's wide base of support throughout the state. See who is supporting Ted in your county, and add your endorsement to our list by clicking here.

Write a letter to the editor about why you are supporting Ted. It's as easy as filling in the fields and clicking "Send Your Letter". Letters to the editor help generate interest in Governor Ted at your local level, and it helps us to have a wide variety of voices uniting in support of Ted's reelection.

Thanks for all you have done, and let's keep fighting to November and beyond for Oregon.

Posted on September 20, 2006
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