Ted's Fighting For Us--Lane County

Representative Phil Barnhart Representative Barnhart

I ran for the Legislature to see to it that Oregon invested properly in our public schools. I've been proud of the way Ted has stood strong in that fight, even as our state hit tough economic times. The Education Enterprise Plan is exactly the kind of plan we must put in place to ensure a great education for all of Oregon's children, and to attract good paying jobs in a changing economy. I look forward to working for its passage in the next session.

Representative Paul Holvey

C. Michael Arnold, Creswell School Board MemberC. Michael Arnold

Ted is the right choice for rural Oregon and the right choice for education.

Arnold Law Office, LLC (Eugene, Oregon)

Jim Rassman, Florence

I support Ted Kulongoski because he is a man that means what he says and stands behind his words. Ted practices subordinating self interest to public service. I know that the citizens of Oregon can count on Ted to do the right thing.

Bert Vaughn

I support Ted for his reelection bid for governor because I realize he has done a lot to help the Oregon economy, demanding assistance from the Commerce Department. Ted has also initiated and enforced a gay and lesbian task force to help ensure equality for sexual minorities. He has listened to his constituents and vetoed bills not in the best interest of the state.

Kris Arens
John Mullen
Karen Ecker
Curtis Haley
Dennis Lee
Bart Melton
Nick Swiatek
Cimmeron Gillespie

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Posted on September 8, 2006