Ted's Fighting For Us--Washington County

State Representative Mitch GreenlickRepresentative Mitch Greenlick

I'm supporting Ted because he really cares about the people of Oregon. We need Ted in the Governor's office to lead the way.

Bill Kroger

I support Ted because he is a good Democrat and cares about ALL his fellow Oregonians, not just the well-heeled and big business.

Andrew Plambeck

Ted spends more time helping Oregon than spending tax dollars to tell you about it; if this is what people are calling inactivity, I think they're dead wrong. I think that's what makes a great governor. Adding jobs, locking up criminals, and calling for an exit strategy in Iraq? I call that making a difference. And that's why I'm voting Kulongoski.

Helene Siegfried, teacher in the Portland Public School system

I think that Ted is an honest man with integrity, I admire his dedication and compassion to the Oregon soldiers who have died by attending all of their funerals. I am a teacher for Portland Public Schools. I want to thank Ted for his support of education. I voted for Ted in the last election and believe that he is an all around good guy. I will vote for him again.

David Vernier, Vernier Software & Technology

Governor Kulongoski is a protector of Oregon's environment. His support for the stricter auto emissions standards for Oregon and (indirectly) Washington was a very big deal. One of the Governor's most important (and saddest) accomplishments is that he has attended the funerals of every one of the Oregon soldiers killed in the Iraq war. He truly cares about all the people of our state.

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Posted on September 5, 2006