Ted Picks Up Endorsement of The Daily Astorian, Baker City Herald and La Grande Observer

Ted has picked up several endorsements from across the state in the past few days including The Daily Astorian, the Baker City Herald, and the La Grande Observer.

The editorials noted Governor Kulongoski's quiet leadership, while condemning Ron Saxton's hack and slash approach to the race. Here are some excerpts:

Baker City Herald:

Gov. Ted Kulongoski's performance these past four years has been able, if not flashy. His insights into Oregon politics and the role of compromise betray a mind keenly aware of the importance of the art of the deal. And his diagnosis of Oregon's economic woes — and possibilities — seem spot on and specific.


Kulongoski demonstrates a knowledge of Baker County and rural Oregon's economic development problems that he boils down to three issues: no commercial airports, no short line railroad and no community college. His "ConnectOregon" program provides a way for local leaders to address the first two issues with help financing the transportation improvements, while promoting creation of trade schools could provide Baker County an answer for the third.

Perhaps the clincher for us is that Baker County has had good access to the governor's office during the last four years through local appointees — Democrats and Republicans — to state boards.

La Grande Observer:

He is, instead, a decent, honest, hard-working public servant who cares deeply about Oregon and its people. Not only does he have considerably more experience than his opponent, but he understands the issues facing the state and knows there are no simple answers. His message doesn't easily translate in 15-second sound bites. He has provided leadership for the state during difficult economic conditions that were not of his making. Oregon needs his experience in all phases of government. He is committed to growing the economy, better funding education and health care and restoring our state to the greatness Oregonians expect.


we believe the governor cares deeply about Eastern Oregon and wants to see more progress in building and diversifying our economy. He is committed to Eastern Oregon University and wants to see it grow, prosper and succeed at all levels. He realizes the yet untapped potential of EOU as an economic engine for our area. He is much more visible and accessible to our citizens and our local county officials than past governors.

The Daily Astorian

Saxton has said that a candidate's campaign tells you a lot about how he will govern. Saxton has run one of the ugliest, most negative campaigns in Oregon's recent political history. Its architect is Larry McCarthy, who pioneered modern negative campaigning with the celebrated Willy Horton ad, which George H.W. Bush used to defeat Michael Dukakis.

In other words, Saxton has come this close to the finish line with a slash and burn strategy. That won't get him success in the governor's office. Moreover, Saxton's professed aim of boosting Oregon schools does not square with his desire to eliminate the capital gains and estate taxes and his support of Measure 41.

The Governor has also received endorsements this week from the Willamette Week , Eugene Weekly and the Portland Mercury.

Posted on October 20, 2006
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