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Wayne Estes, Salem Veterans for DemocracyWayne Estes

Ted has attended every funeral of Oregon’s war dead, and without fanfare. Salem Veterans for Democracy presented a plaque to the Governor in 2005 specifically for that reason.

Roy A. Ockert, Sr.Roy Ockert

I have known Ted since shortly after I came to Oregon in March 1972 to serve as the head of the IWA Dept of Research, Education & Collective Bargaining Coordination. In the union movement, economists & lawyers do not always get along, but I found Ted to be an intelligent, genial, principled man with great qualities of initiative, compassion and understanding. There is no one I have always agreed with but I do not remember a dispute with Ted. One of the impressive things he has done in office was to repair PERS (of which my wife is a member) without the vicious, disgusting, dishonest proposal of firing all the government workers as proposed by Saxton. Such changes cannot be accomplished without ruffling some feathers but the fact that labor is supporting Ted is strong evidence that he performed the operation with all possible wisdom & compassion. At age 85, I am probably one of his oldest & strongest supporters--even after knowing him for nearly 35 years!

Mark Miller; Teacher, Stayton Middle School, 29 years

I support Governor Kulongoski's bid for re-election because this state needs a governor who has a vision of what is best for all of Oregon. I believe Governor Kulongoski not only has that vision, but he, more importantly, has the strength of his convictions to stand up for what he knows to be right.
When it came to PERS reform, the Governor did not bow to the pressure of any interest groups; he made a decision and took a stand that must have been very difficult for him. He made the decision to reform PERS even though his backing of the reform threatened to cost him the future support of many of his constituents. He did this because he truly felt it was in the best interests of the entire state to reform the system.
I am a public school teacher - I have been for 29 years. The reform of my retirement program will have an impact on me and my family. However, I believe the Governor worked to enact reforms he felt were as fair as possible while still protecting the future of the PERS system.
He had the will to stand up for what he felt was right then, and I'm certain he will do the same in his second term as Governor of Oregon!

James Frye
Joanne Stern
Pat Williams
Linda Riggs
Lex Laughlin
Michelle Miller

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Posted on September 5, 2006