Ted's Fighting For Us--Multnomah County

Christopher Lowe; former professor or instructor at Portland State University, Linfield College, Reed College, WSU Vancouver, and Clark College; Parent of student at Meriwether Lewis Elementary School

Public education has taken enormous hits in the past 15 years. It is reeling, and the situation threatens the middle and long-term prospects of the state. Strong schools give the rising generations the tools they will need. They make Oregon an attractive place for talented people who want good public education for their kids to move, and for companies that want to be able to attract talented people to locate. Ted Kulongoski understands that.

Randy Miller, chairman of the Moore Company in Portland, member of the steering commitees for the Oregon Business Plan and the Portland metro Regional Business Plan, chairman of the Ambassador ProgramRandy Miller

Ted has been extremely helpful with follow-up regarding the Oregon Business Plan, and offering any help possible to improve job creation in the state. He recognizes that jobs create both family stability and the future tax revenue to help public services.

David Mindrup; retired, USAF

Ted is the umbrella that protects our public schools
from deep budget cuts, keeps the our Highway Patrol adequately-funded, keeps our families safe from the meth epidemic, keeps good paying jobs from leaving Oregon, and protects the average Oregon family from paying more in taxes to subsidize the wealthiest 2%.

Douglas Strain, former CEO and co-founder of Electro Scientific Industries, former Board Chairman of OMSI

I have appreciated the Governors strong and continued support of OMSI. Often when a good project becomes well accepted in the community, support is transferred to newer projects when the "well established" ones are presumed to be able to keep up the good work needing little attention or support. Of course the opposite is often true as the successful ones continue to expand their services and programs needing continuing support. I am pleased that the Governor appreciates this and has continued to recognize the value to the community that organizations like OMSI provide.

Walt MintkeskiWalter Mintkeski

I endorse Governor Ted Kulongoski for reelection because of his leadership in establishing standards for cleaner, more fuel-efficient cars, his commitment to combating global warming, and his fight against the Bush Administration to protect our National Forest roadless areas from road building and logging.
In 2005, the auto industry and Republican legislators tried to prevent Oregon from adopting stronger tailpipe emissions standards for new cars, but were blocked by the Governor's veto pen. In addition, through Governor Kulongoski's leadership, the Environmental Quality Commission went on to adopt those low emission vehicle standards which are strongly supported by Oregonians.
Finally, the Governor has endorsed renewable energy technologies and alternatives to fossil fuels such as wave energy research and wind power. He has aggressively campaigned to stimulate Oregon's biofuels markets, which will clean our air, help our local farmers and state's economy, and save consumers money at the gas pump.
Governor Kulongoski has earned my endorsement as the only candidate with both a track record and plan to combat global warming, protect our rivers and forests, and keep Oregon a great place to live.

Sharon Dawson, Portland

We are fortunate that Ted Kulongowski has decided to run for a second term.Ted brings compassion and caring to this office. He works hard for solutions for all Oregonians.

As a former educator, I especially appreciate his attempt to bring quality education to all the children of Oregon. My bumper sticker reads “Bring Major League Education to Oregon” and that is his goal. He understands the absolute necessity of stable funding for schools and our youngest citizens. They don’t have a strong lobby but they deserve the chance to get a superior education which will prepare them to be strong, knowledgable citizens who can compete in a global economy. They deserve no less. Ted knows this and will work to make those opportunities available. He has my vote! I hope he has yours!

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Posted on September 5, 2006