Ted's Fighting For Us--Deschutes County

Anita Lanning, Redmond

I strongly support Ted's re-election as Governor of Oregon. Throughout his public career as a State Representative, Senator, Insurance Commissioner, Attorney General, Supreme Court Justice, and Governor, Ted has proved time and time again his commitment to the citizens of Oregon and has worked on our behalf. He has advocated social services such as health care, affordable child care, and energy assistance for low-income residents, as well as providing family wage jobs and food for the hungry. Ted shares my concern for global warming, recognizing its detrimental effects on all of us, and he has a long-standing commitment to protecting the environment, including recent efforts to clean up the Willamette River, stop ocean pollution and preserve our natural resources. As a grandparent, I am concerned about my grandchildren's future in the great state of Oregon we are fortunate to call home. With Ted at the helm, I know my family is in good hands.

Dick Sandvik, Sisters

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Posted on September 21, 2006