Ted's Fighting For Us--Jefferson County

Leona Ike, member of Jefferson County Meth Task Force and descendant of Wasco Chief TasymptLeona Ike

First and foremost - I think it is wonderful that our Governor has attended every military funeral for our Oregonian soldiers lost in the war. I lost my grandfather in World War II, although I never knew him, he was a hero in my eyes and in my heart. And to see a true leader take the time and honor the families with his presence - it takes my breath away.

I am a Native American woman--I am a direct descendant of Wasco Chief Tasympt--and I admired our Governor for not being intimidated by the money of the Grand Ronde tribe to turn his back on our historic tribal nation. A new and better casino would create jobs, create funding to better educate our tribal membership, encourage and give us the ability to keep our culture alive through education of our youth. I thank the Governor for not turning his back on us and allowing us to try to survive.

I thank the Governor for his undying support to save our communities from the Methamphetamine devastation. I sit on the Jefferson County Meth Task Force and I have been personally affected by our "Meth Problem"--I have had 2 son's addicted to this drug. I felt I was never going to get through it, but when mothers see our leaders taking a matter such as this as serious as we do, then we have hope and we feel comforted.

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Posted on September 5, 2006