Ted's Fighting For Us--Jackson County

Dave Gilmour MD; Jackson County Commissioner

Without Gov Kulongowski's personal intervention, Amys Kitchen would not have located its new production facility in Southern Oregon. He obviously cares deeply about the growth of family wage jobs in Oregon.

Daniel Davis; business owner and Vietnam veteran

I am supporting Ted because he is a fellow veteran, who knows what Oregon families who have lost a loved one are going through and has attended every funeral of Oregon fallen soldiers. He supports Veterans and National Guard. He is also an environmentally aware Governor who has taken risks to challenge extremist politicians who think their contributions from the auto or timber companies are more important than our air or water.

Mari Morsell; Medford

I endorse Ted because he has spoken out and acted for the little guys. He has worked to even the playing field. His efforts on behalf of schools and the environment clearly warrant your vote.

Tonya Graham; member, Jackson County Democrats

I support Ted because he told the Bush administration that Oregon’s Roadless Areas weren’t here for them to plunder.

Ann Magill; Talent

I admire Kulongoski's courage and long view of Oregon's future. Besides bravely taking on the public retirement system and making changes that riled some in order to benefit the greatest number, he's not afraid to talk about revenue, sorely needed for health care, education K-16, and public services. He supports the families of Oregon's fallen troops by attending their services.
Without self-promotion, he works closely with local entities for long range opportunities for economic growth. For example, he identified best candidates for the Port Commission at Coos Bay and with them is seeking opportunties to open jobs and industry for this long-neglected part of the state. He has a long proven history of thoughtful service for the people and resources of Oregon.

Nan Trout

I endorse the Governor because he has worked for years to move Oregon toward alternative energy development and a fair and equitable health care system.

Ron Gardner; Medford

I support Ted Kulongoski because he supports our troops who were put in harms way by a lying federal administration, cares about the environment and is courageous enough to stand up for what is right for all Oregonians.

Keith and Pat Van Horn; Medford

We support the re-election of Gov. Kulongoski - if for no other reason he is honest with us Oregonians.

Nancy T. McGrath RN

As a registered nurse in Jackson county I appreciate Governor Kulongoski's stand on and interest in health care. He recognizes the looming nursing shortage and has initiated measures to find and fund solutions.

Pat Brewer

I support Ted for Governor because he worked to lower our auto emissions.

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Posted on September 5, 2006