Oregon District Attorneys Endorse Ted

Ted Wins DA's Endorsement
Last week, over half of the district attorneys across Oregon endorsed Governor Kulongoski's reelection effort - none have endorsed Ron Saxton.

During his first term, the Governor has worked hard to eliminate the meth epidemic threatening our state - closing 70 percent of the small meth labs in Oregon. He has also fought to stop child abuse and punish sexual predators, as well as won passage of tough new laws against the abuse of elderly Oregonians.

As the Salem Statesman Journal reports Thursday:

Ed Caleb of Klamath County, who spoke for the group of 21 on the steps of the Capitol, said that his colleagues based their endorsement of the Democratic incumbent on two factors.

Kulongoski is a former attorney general who, during his term, led the task force that prompted an overhaul of the juvenile-justice system. He also is a former Supreme Court justice.

"He recognizes the issues that confront police and prosecutors throughout Oregon," Caleb said. "He understands the legal parameters that police officers must follow."

During his term, Kulongoski pushed successfully for new penalties against methamphetamine makers, including prescription-only status for medications containing the key precursor ingredient pseudoephedrine, and shielded the Oregon State Police from damaging cuts in highway patrols and crime labs.

"He values what the district attorneys have to say," Caleb said. "He is a good and decent man who cares deeply about Oregonians."

Posted on October 19, 2006
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