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Representative Greg Mcpherson
Representative Greg Mcpherson

I support Ted Kulongoski for reelection because he has shown the courage and determination to do what's right for Oregon. He led the state out of a deep recession. Now that Oregon has come back from the dark days of early 2003, we need his leadership more than ever. Ted understands that we should invest in our people because most problems are solvable when Oregonians are working at good jobs.

Representative Dave Hunt

Richard Gano, Retired educator and Air Force Colonel

As a retired educator and air force colonel, based on my experience I fell Ted is by far the best candidate for Oregon's future. Mr Saxton talks in generalities, beating around the bush, not telling us where he's going to get money for this or that. Ted has been honest and forthright. An example would be his tax on auto insurance dedicated for the state police who we all know are vastly undermanned, but Mr Saxton skirts the funding issue of this important issue by talking about efficiencies! What efficiencies? Adding a new tax is never popular, but it's the right thing to do in this instance. Anyone who has worked in Oregon government at either the local, county, or state level knows that all the efficiencies have long been realized. There are no more efficiencies, just plain cuts in programs.

Liam Rosen, graduate Clackamas High School, University of Puget Sound Class of ‘09

Ted is the only candidate to show adequate support for Oregon schools. He realizes that education is a top priority, superceding big business interests. As a product of our public school system, I’ll happily be voting for Ted Kulongoski this November.

Ana Howard

I support Ted Kulongoski because I can look up to him as a leader. I am in the 8th grade and I want to get into politics after college.

Genie Uebelacker, Secretary, Democratic Party of Oregon

My one reason is because he is concerned and cares about working people and seniors (basically the middle class). I also think he's done a good job in getting new, environmentally-friendly businesses in Oregon. I like his stance on education too for without an excellent educational system in this state we lose businessess - so the 2 are literally joined at the hip.
You can be assured I will be phone banking and talking 'til my voice is hoarse and my fingers are sore. We've got to get Ted back in AND with a majority in the House!

Natasha Soff

I support Ted because I share his beliefs in abortion, workers rights, the environment, and his view on the war in Iraq.

Deborah Barnes, Media Communications Instructor, Sabin-Schellenberg Professional Technical Center, 14 yearsDeborah Barnes

I'm supporting Ted because he understands that the workforce of tomorrow needs opportunities in professional technical education. Hands-on learning has helped thousands of Clackamas County students at the Sabin-Schellenberg Center. As a member of the SB 364 Workforce Taskforce, a local politician, and a teacher, I know Kulongoski will continue to support our students, teachers, and education.

Tony Crawford, Canby public school teacher for 27 yearsTony Crawford

I support Gov. Kulungoski for his vision of what public education should be in the state of Oregon. The Governor's Education Enterprise demonstrates his willingness to provide every child in Oregon the opportunity to succeed in school. Student success in school leads to overall success for Oregon!

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Posted on September 5, 2006