Kulongoski For Governor Across Oregon

Kulongoski for Governor Across Oregon
People across Oregon are displaying their support for the Governor, putting up lawn and roadside signs all over the state.

The grassroots and netroots are critical to our victory in November and Oregonians are stepping up. From signs to phone banks to online contributions, your help is making the difference.

Here are some of the signs already up in our communities:

Ted for Gov in Waterville
Highway 126 in Waterville

Ted for Gov in Eugene
I-5 in Eugene

Ted for Gov in Creswell
I-5 in Creswell

Ted for Gov in West Linn
Jay Cosnett and Julie Jones in West Linn

Ted for Gov in Blue River
Highway 126 in Blue River

Ted for Gov in Gresham
Russell Garth and Brian Jonathan on I-205 in Gresham

Ted for Gov in Aurora
Russell Garth and Steve Ches on I-5 in Aurora

Ted for Gov in Bend
Ron Craig and Mara Stein on Highway 20 in Bend

Ted for Gov in Goshen
Max Groesbeck on I-5 in Goshen

Ted for Gov in Redmond
The Stargate Ranch on Highway 97 in Redmond

Posted on October 3, 2006
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