New TV Ad Highlights Ted's Accomplishments

The campaign launched a new television spot this week, highlighting the Governor's accomplishments in his first term.

The ad, airing statewide, notes the Governor's successes in education, public safety, consumer protection and protecting a woman's right to choose.

You can also watch our earlier web video on Ted's accomplishments here.

And here is a brief rundown of some of the highlights:

Economic Development and Economic Security
Helped create 120,000 new jobs.

Broke a decade of gridlock and enacted a $2.5 billion transportation package to repair our roads and bridges.

Expanded our transportation package to expand and upgrade our sea ports, airports and railroads.

Recruited companies like Amy’s Kitchen, Yahoo!, Google, and Genentech to Oregon.

Established 50 shovel-ready industrial sites.

Funded Oregon’s first signature research center for nanotechnology – ONAMI.

Stopped the legislature when it tried to cancel our voter-approved minimum wage increases.

Cracked down on predatory lenders with a law to stop them from charging 500% interest on payday loans.

Reduced hunger in the state.

Led a special session to put an additional $42 million in our public schools.

Brought opportunity grants to an additional 5,000 college students in Oregon.

Launched Oregon’s largest capital construction effort for our community colleges and universities.

Broke down barriers between community colleges and universities so students can have a clear and faster path to their degrees.

Public Safety
Restored 40 State Trooper positions eliminated during the budget cutting of 2002.

Enacted the nation’s toughest anti-meth laws.

Shut down 70 percent of Oregon’s small meth labs.

Brought together legislators to pass Jessica’s law.

Efficient Government
Reformed PERS, saving $970 million for the state, schools, cities and counties.

Created the State Smart Buy Purchasing Pool, saving the state and local governments $25 million.

Cut $6 million in administrative overhead from the university system.

Health Care
Brought health coverage to 30,000 more kids under the Oregon Health Plan.

Stepped in to make sure that seniors got their life-saving medications when the Bush administration let them fall between the cracks of the Medicare system.

Our Natural Heritage
Enacted stricter auto-emissions standards for cleaner air in Oregon.

Protected old growth timber in our roadless areas.

Launched the most ambitious parks program in a generation – opening a new park every year during the past four years, and we’ll keep on that pace for the next six years.

You can always learn more by visiting our Issues section.

Posted on October 25, 2006
Front Page News, Ted TV