Tell Us Why You're Supporting Ted

Ted has an impressive list of endorsements from groups and high-profile individuals, but what is more important is a list of all of the Oregonians who are supporting his reelection. Over the next few weeks we will compile such a list along with stories of why Oregonians want Ted Kulongoski to remain Oregon's governor, but we need your help.

Why are you supporting Ted?
Is environmental protection the most important reason you are supporting Ted? Are you supporting him because of his strong protection or Oregon forests, his promotion of renewable energies in Oregon, or his support for lower tailpipe-emission standards?
Do you support him because he helped pull Oregon through a recession while balancing the budget?
Was your decision affected by a meeting or conversation with Ted?

You can see what we have so far here.To add your words to these pages, fill in the boxes below so that we can get in touch with you. Questions? E-mail Will at

Tell us! Why do you support Ted Kulongoski?

Are you willing to do a bit more to help re-elect Ted?

Endorse Ted Kulongoski. Feel free to use my name publicly.

Host a coffee in my home.

Knock on doors

Write letters to the editor

Office work

Make phone calls to volunteers and voters.

Posted on September 8, 2006