Register-Guard Praises Governor's Stand on Oregon State Police

In an editorial published Wednesday, the Eugene Register-Guard praised Ted's demand to create a dedicated funding source for the Oregon State Police.

"Kulongoski has the right idea: The OSP needs a dependable source of revenue of its own, one that doesn't confront legislators with a choice between public safety and other vital services such as health or education," the Register-Guard wrote.

Republican Ron Saxton says he favors more money for the agency, but has no plan to fund it and does not support a dedicated funding source - the crux of the problem. As the Register-Guard stated:

Even if Saxton is right in believing that efficiencies can yield significant savings, however, the state police would remain in an unchanged position, jostling with other state services for whatever extra money became available. The OSP, under governors and legislatures of both parties, has fared poorly in that budgetary scramble. If Saxton is serious about beefing up the state police, he'll need to propose a means of solving the structural problem that has caused its long-term decline.

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Posted on September 13, 2006
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