New Video: Pizza, Beer, Politics and Comedy--Interns for Ted's "A Slice of Comedy"

Also available on Google Video here.

If you missed A Slice of Comedy last Thursday, you missed out on a rockin’ good time...or perhaps a laughin’ good time. The Interns for Ted event at our campaign headquarters attracted an audience of nearly 200 - mostly young Oregonians and people into their mid-20s and 30s. People washed down slices of pizza with their choice of beer, wine, or soda.

Our comics for the evening were Leigh Anne Jasheway-Bryant, Mark Saltveit and Carl Wolfson.

We were also lucky enough to get an unexpected visit from Dave Anderson. We saw him in the audience, pulled him up on stage and he just started doing some jokes for us.
Governor Kulongoski with comics (L-R) Dave Anderson, Mark Saltveit and Carl Wolfson.

Some picture of Interns for Ted in action:
Francis and Sarah
Francis and Sarah sit at the entryway to Club Kulongoski (our campaign headquarters)

Mike, our MC for the evening, kicking off one of the acts

If you would be interested in helping to plan an event like this sometime this fall, drop Will the Intern an e-mail at We would love to continue to reach out to college campuses as much as time and energy allow.

And don't forget: Interns for Ted has also been influencial in our first online fundraising campaign, The Bowling Challenge. If you have a few bucks to support a good campaign, we'd certainly appreciate your help in making this first online fundraiser a success.

Posted on August 18, 2006
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