Oregonian Recognizes Governor's Efforts to Create Secure Funding For State Police

Following the Governor's promise yesterday to hire an additional 125 Oregon state troopers and create a dedicated funding source for the department, the Oregonian editoral board complemented his efforts to bring attention to the issue.

Tuesday's rhetoric was refreshingly welcome. Funding of this core public service is exactly the sort of issue that needs marquee attention in this state. Oregon has been ill-served by two decades of gubernatorial elections destructively sidetracked by such nonproductive issues as gay marriage and abortion rights.

Credit Kulongoski for putting a truly critical Oregon issue on center stage where it belongs. He did it Tuesday with a pledge to call on the next Legislature to provide a permanent, stable source of state police funding so the agency can begin restoring round-the-clock trooper patrols on Oregon's roads and highways.

You can learn more about the Governor's proposal to ensure our highways are always patrolled by state police here.

Posted on August 2, 2006
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