Making Higher Education More Affordable in Oregon

As part of his commitment to make higher education affordable to all Oregonians, in the past week Ted met with University of Oregon students and his higher education board to discuss his plans to expand the Oregon Opportunity Grants program.

The Shared Responsibility Financial Aid Model would provide state assistance to complement contributions by students, their parents and the federal government. Under the proposed plan students with family incomes as high as $60,000 could qualify for the Oregon Opportunity Grant, which would drastically increase the number of students who could qualify for state funding. You can learn more about it here.

“When it comes to a college education, we need to help not only our neediest students, but our middle-class students as well,” the Governor said. “This is a plan that should appeal to everyone – because before a student can qualify for a state education grant, he or she must maximize resources from the federal government, from their own families and through their own sweat equity.”

The Oregon Student Association has now endorsed the plan, with board chairwoman Courtney Morse noting, "These are exactly the kind of values that Oregonians can get behind."

Posted on July 19, 2006
Education, Front Page News