Green Groups Go For Ted

Recognizing his strong record on protecting our natural environment, Oregon's Sierra Club and the Oregon League of Conservation Voters have awarded Governor Kulongoski with their endorsement for the general election.

Oregon Sierra Club
"Governor Kulongoski is standing up to the Bush administration's attempts to strip away protections for roadless areas, its failure to come up with a reasonable strategy for salmon protection, and its unwillingness to deal with global warming," said Jill Workman, Chair of the Oregon Chapter Sierra Club. "Oregon needs the kind of leadership on common-sense environmental protection that Governor Kulongoski provides."

Oregon League of Conservation Voters
“We’ve reached a tipping point in history when bold action is needed to promote renewable, clean energy,” said Jonathan Poisner, Executive Director of OLCV. “Ted Kulongoski is the only candidate for Governor with a bold plan and a strong record supporting significant efforts to clean our air, develop alternative energy sources, and combat global warming.”

Posted on June 27, 2006
Environment, Front Page News