Barbara Roberts: Why I'm Voting for Ted

Dear fellow Oregonian,

I am writing to ask you to join me in supporting Ted Kulongoski's reelection as our governor. I know a little something about the demands of the job and I wanted you to know Ted has done an exceptional job during very difficult times.

Let me take a moment to fill you in on some of his accomplishments during his first term:

Economy: Under Ted's leadership, Oregon has gone from the nation's worst unemployment rate to now having the most jobs in the state's history. We've created over 100,000 new jobs (over double those that were lost during the recession) and we're on target to add other quarter-million over the next decade.

Education: Ted pushed through the legislature a dramatic 70 percent increase in the Oregon Opportunity Grants program so that every eligible low-income student can now obtain help towards an affordable higher education.

Health Care: Tedmade health coverage accessible to 30,000 Oregon children by doubling the eligibility level for the Child Health Insurance Program, opening new school-based health clinics in five counties and implementing a group purchasing program for the children of small business employees.

In addition, his bulk purchase drug program is reducing the cost of prescription drugs for older Oregonians. And when the Bush Medicare plan threatened to stop drug coverage for 10,000 Oregonians, the Governor stepped in to make sure they got the medicines they needed.

Public Safety: Ted passed the toughest restrictions on meth ingredients in the nation. Through a variety of initiatives spearheaded by his Meth Task Force, the number of small meth labs in Oregon has gone down by 70 percent. Ted also successfully won passage of laws to crack down on identity theft and those who abuse elder Oregonians.

But the Governor certainly isn't resting on his laurels. He's offered an aggressive agenda for his second term to address some of our most pressing problems. Here are some of the top priorities for his next term:

Increase education funding. Ted's Education Enterprise proposal will increase funding for our schools to reduce class sizes, stop the loss of school days and restore lost programs. It will ensure long term, stable funding with a guaranteed 10 percent increase each budget cycle for education.

Make Oregon a leader in renewable energy. Under his Action Plan for Energy, Ted is charting a path for our state to lead the nation in clean energy sources that will help us stop global warming and end our dependence on foreign oil.

Ensure every Oregon child has access to quality health care. Ted's Healthy Kids Plan will expand coverage through the Child Health Insurance Program (CHIP), school clinics and assistance to families to buy their own insurance so that no child in Oregon ever has to go without medical care.

To keep up his hard work, Ted needs your support. We have the best chance in a decade to retake the Oregon House and control the agenda in Salem and I know Ted is the right one to have in the driver's seat for next four years.

Please support him with your vote and do what you can to help him - make a contribution, volunteer for the campaign or even just pass this on to a friend to get the word out.

To find out more, or contribute online, visit his campaign website:

Thank you for helping make Oregon a better place,

Governor Barbara Roberts

Posted on May 10, 2006
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