Oregon's Congressional Democrats Rally to Support Kulongoski’s Reelection

Sen. Ron Wyden, Reps. Earl Blumenauer, Darlene Hooley and Peter DeFazio Announce Endorsement

For Immediate Release, April 18, 2006
Contact: Lisa Grove, 503-957-8550

Senator Ron Wyden and Representatives Earl Blumenauer, Darlene Hooley, and Peter DeFazio today announced their primary endorsement of Governor Ted Kulongoski’s reelection bid. Wyden and Hooley appeared with Kulongoski at the Hollywood Senior Center in Portland, with statements of endorsement from Blumenauer and DeFazio read by local community leaders.

“In three years, Ted's focus on the economy has gotten Oregon back on track, with employment at all time highs,” said Wyden, emphasizing Kulongoski’s record of fighting for Democratic values at the state and federal level. “He made the tough calls, always putting the people of Oregon ahead of politics. That's the kind of leadership we need for a more prosperous future for our people.”

The announcement follows the endorsement of Kulongoski by Superintendent of Schools Susan Castillo, Attorney General Hardy Myers, State Treasurer Randall Edwards, and Labor Secretary Dan Gardner.

“Ted has stood front and center to support our troops,” remarked Hooley. “He made sure our Guard members had the equipment they needed when being sent overseas and that soldiers and their families were taken care of when they returned.”

During a period of Bush administration cuts to social services, broken promises to fully fund education reform and efforts to roll back environmental protections, the Members of Congress noted Kulongoski’s efforts to protect the interests of all Oregonians. During the past three years, he ensured that low-income individuals did not lose prescription drug coverage under the new Medicare drug plan, successfully lobbied for Superfund funding for the Willamette and opposed Bush administration proposals to weaken the protection of our environment.

“Today’s event again shows the strong support the Governor is receiving from Democrats across the state,” said campaign spokesperson Lisa Grove. “Whether it is working with our federal delegation to make Oregon a better place or protect us against the Bush administration’s agenda, the Governor has demonstrated strong leadership time and again.”


Posted on April 18, 2006