Better Health Care for All Oregonians

Health care is a growing concern for too many Oregonians. Whether it is the rising cost of medical bills or simply obtaining access to needed treatment, Oregon needs a governor committed to addressing our health care needs.

During his first term, Governor Kulongoski took action to improve our health care, including:

  • Adding 30,000 children to the Child Health Insurance Program (CHIP);
  • Establishing a bulk prescription drug purchasing program for low-income Oregonians over 54;
  • Launching the website that allows consumers spend less on prescription drugs by comparing their prices and effectiveness;
  • Opening school-based health clinics in five additional Oregon counties;
  • Signing legislation to ensure insurance policies also cover mental health and substance abuse treatment; and
  • Creating a program to help rural doctors afford the cost of medical malpractice insurance;

But Ted knows we can do more. In his next term he will:

  • Pass the Healthy Kids Initiative – his plan to ensure that every Oregon child has good health coverage through a combination of public and private providers;
  • Expand bulk prescription drug purchasing to include all low-income Oregonians without health insurance;
  • Continue to increase the number of school-based health centers across Oregon; and
  • Implement strategies like electronic record keeping, pooled purchasing and information systems for cost and quality comparison to reduce waste and inefficiency.

Learn more about Ted's health care record and plans for his next term.

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Posted on April 20, 2006