Health Care

Ted's Working Hard to Improve Health Care Governor Ted Kulongoski: Doing “Everything That Works” To Reduce Costs, Improve Quality And Expand Health Care Coverage for Oregonians

Governor Ted Kulongoski is pursuing every option, large and small, to make health care more affordable and available to all Oregonians. He knows that we can’t afford to do otherwise. Rising costs and declining coverage are hurting working families, penalizing good employers, overburdening state taxpayers and undermining our economy.

The Governor’s plan includes more than 30 action steps, many of which are already delivering results, all focused on three goals:

  • Reduce costs by negotiating better prices for prescription drugs and ensuring fair and transparent charges by health care providers;
  • Expand coverage by creating truly affordable health care options for all Oregon children and helping employers support health insurance for their employees;
  • Improve care by training more health care professionals and expanding programs that encourage prevention and early treatment of medical problems over more expensive, emergency care.

The Governor’s plan is practical, immediate and based on doing everything that works. He wants to use the proven tools to make health care more affordable, accessible and reliable right now, right here in Oregon.

Read the full plan here.