OPB: Kulongoski & Wyden Call on Bush to Fund Key Education Program

From OPB Radio: President Bush's federal budget announced earlier this month includes cuts to 141 federal programs.

One of those spending reductions would come from a U.S. Department of Education initiative called Gear Up, which helps students prepare for college at 16 high schools and 23 middle schools in Oregon.

The governor likened the program to the G.I. Bill, which sent him to college.

Ted Kulongoski: "Look at it as a bigger Gear Up program. You know what it was? It was opportunity. They gave me a chance. And I want you to know as long as I'm the governor, that will still be my priority is everything I do is to give you a chance."

Wyden and Kulongoski heard from several high school students who said they might not otherwise be headed for college without Gear Up.

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Posted on February 21, 2006
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