Oregon thrives as technology grows.

Oregon has always been known for its livability, sustainability and progressive thought, however, Governor Kulongoski knows that with Oregon's technological advancements, Oregon is becoming a competitive, innovative state. "Oregon values the technology sector," said the Governor and as Oregon's economy continues to increase, technology will play a large factor in our success.

Beginning in the 1990s, Oregon made serious claims to start cultivating a high-tech sector. The biggest tech support Oregon has comes from Intel. With three chip-making plants and 15, 500 employees, its Ronler Acres campus in Hillsboro, started in 1994, has become the company's largest and most complex site. Oregon is where new manufacturing technologies are developed and sent to other states in the nation.

Government has played a large role in keeping technology strong in Oregon. Oregon initiated its Strategic Investment Program in 1993, which allows counties to negotiate with companies to cap property taxes in exchange for high-tech investments and community-service fees. Intel signed its fourth SIP in 2005, which calls for the company to invest up to $25 billion over 15 years. "I want to make Oregon the innovation state," Kulongoski said. I want Oregon's economy to be driven by innovation, so as to attract and retain the best and the brightest, to both support the growth of existing companies like Intel and to create opportunities for anyone with an idea and the determination to build a business or begin a career."

As technology grows here in Oregon, Kulongoski is determined to ensure that all young Oregonians have access and skills necessary to be proficient in technology. Schools in Oregon have been working to get computers in their classrooms and get connected to the Internet, so that both teachers and students are connected to the world outside of Oregon. It provides the opportunity to communicate with peers and experts around the world through email and video conferencing.

The Governor's focus in bringing technology to every Oregonian will promote continued growth in skilled workers and the economy. The first step in progress is capitalizing on what we as Oregonians have here at home, the capabilities of technological advancements. The Governor looks optimistically into the future of Oregon's capabilities within technology.

(SOURCE: Jane Larson, The Arizona Republic)

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Posted on January 23, 2006
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