Governor Works to make Oregon a leader in the Fight to Control Global Warming

The Governor has formed a vehicle emissions workgroup at the Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) to begin work on administrative rules that would implement tailpipe emissions standards in Oregon. In order to even create this workgroup to examine the issue the Governor was forced to veto a line in the DEQ budget last week that would prevent the department from developing those rules. The workgroup contains a cross section of Oregonian with a stake in the issue, from environmentalist, car dealer, Business groups and Local Governments. Click here for a the list.

"Recognizing that the science around global warming is now clear, I am committed to combating this problem to save our quality of life for our children and grandchildren," Governor Kulongoski said. "Adopting new vehicle emissions standards will not only deliver cleaner air, but it will also deliver real savings to Oregonians – particularly as the cost of gasoline continues to rise."

In 2004 the Governor appointed an Advisory Group on Global Warming to develop a comprehensive set of recommendations for Oregon to curb the affects of global warming. The Advisory Group reported back to the Governor in April, 2005 with a list of priority actions that would have the greatest impact. The Vehicle Emissions Workgroup, which the Governor announced will be chaired by Mark Reeve, was one of the recommendations from the advisory group. The goal is to develop and adopt the rule so that the new standards will be required for the 2009 model year.

"When Oregon moves forward, the entire West Coast will have the same heightened standards and the pressure for the automobile industry to transition to cleaner cars nationally will be inevitable," said Governor Kulongoski. "Oregon should be a national leader in combating global warming and can lead the Pacific Northwest – and our nation – to a cleaner, more energy secure future."

"Oregon has a long legacy of leading the nation in policies that create more livable communities and a better quality of life for our residents – from beach protections to the bottle bill, to preserving open agricultural and natural spaces. It is that legacy that helps us market Oregon to businesses and tourists," said Governor Kulongoski. "Our successful strategies to combat global warming and to grow a more sustainable economy will one day rank among those policies."

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Posted on December 6, 2005
Environment, Front Page News