Governor Kulongoski Addresses Oregon State Employees About Diversity

Recently Governor Kulongoski addressed a gathering of more than 800 state employees to discuss diversity in state government. This comes during a conference, hosted by the Department of Human Services and the Department of Transportation, titled, “Tools for Success: Building with Diversity.”

The Governor’s address stressed the importance of a workforce that is representative of all Oregonians. This address goes to the heart of Governor Kulongoski’s feelings and policy about diversity in the workplace. Governor Kulongoski has also implemented changes to the state government that will ensure that the state workforce is representative of Oregon.

The Governor has appointed an Affirmative Action Director and staff to uphold his commitment to equal employment opportunity, increase diversity within state agencies and strengthen relationships with Oregon’s minority communities. The Governor’s Affirmative Action Office established the first statewide comprehensive Cultural Competency Assessment and Training program for all state agencies; and leads monthly workshops to provide “best practices” to state agencies. This legislative session the Governor also created the Oregon Advocacy Commissions Office to support to the Hispanic Affairs, Black Affairs, Women and Asian Affairs Commissions, restoring funding so they can continue to carry out their missions to provide a unified voice for minority and women in state government.

Posted on December 1, 2005
Equality and Civil Rights, Front Page News