Governor calls for alls sides to come together to solve Measure 37 problems

In order to deal with the mount uncertainty and concerns created by Measure 37 and its subsequent ruling that it was unconstitutional the Governor is calling on all sides to work tighter. This issue is incredibility complex and means different things to different groups. Local Governments, small farmers, developers, interest groups and many others all have a different view of the problem and the solution. We are in the process of building a plan with all of these groups and looking at the entire system. Governor Ted Kulongoski is committed to making the system that works for all Oregonians now and in the future. Below is his official state regarding the ruling by the Marion County Circuit Court.

"With today’s ruling, we’ve gone from having many unanswered questions about Measure 37 to having many more. Since Measure 37 was enacted, I have been urging all interested parties—governments, landowners and interest groups alike—to proceed with caution. We all knew that Measure 37 raised many land use policy and legal questions. It has been clear from the beginning that the courts would need to sort these issues out. Today, the Marion County Circuit Court took the first step towards that resolution. This ruling will not be the final word.

"Today’s ruling demonstrates that the issues addressed in Measure 37 may be too complex to be resolved through a single ballot measure. Significant policy changes that alter the very nature of governmental processes and the rights of individual citizens must be examined and enacted with thoughtful and careful deliberations to ensure they meet the test of the constitution and needs of the citizens. While litigation over Measure 37 continues to work its way through the courts, I expect that the Oregon Task Force on Land Use Planning created by Senate Bill 82 will address many of the issues intended by Measure 37.

"This ruling regarding the Constitutionality of Measure 37 creates additional uncertainty for landowners who are attempting to proceed under the measure. I have asked the Department of Land Conservation and Development and the Department of Justice to work with my office in order to best address the needs of all interested parties."

Posted on December 15, 2005
Environment, Front Page News