Governor’s Plan Helps Break Deadlock in Strike

The Oregon Trail School District finally came to a compromise after a month long strike that left hundreds of students out of school. The strike was at a standstill until Governor Kulongoski proposed a compromise that the two sides meet halfway on salary and health care and form a joint committee to resolve other issues, with binding arbitration a possibility. While the Governor’s plan was initially rejected by district negotiators it was reevaluated when a school district member was surrounded in his car by teachers chanting, “Take the Governor’s offer.’’ Spokespeople from the Oregon Education Association and the Oregon Trail School District stated that the Governor’s plan became the framework for the settlement and helped end the dispute.

The Governor’s response throughout the labor dispute was another example of his commitment to the labor process as well as his support for education across the state. While the Oregon Trail teachers strike was a difficult time for the communities involved, the Governor’s response to end the deadlock shows the Governor’s commitment to education and his leadership to move forward to create stable school funding for the state. The Governor has been a steadfast supporter of education throughout his administration and his plan for a seamless education system is one that will give access and opportunity to all of Oregon’s children.

The Governor has a plan for education that ensures predictability, stability and investment for all of education. Governor Kulongoski’s plan includes ending the traditional practice of focusing on education in silos. Instead, the Governor is moving the entire education system forward as a seamless continuum from pre-school through graduate school and workforce training – creating an “Education Enterprise.”

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Posted on November 29, 2005
Education, Front Page News, Labor