Governor Kulongoski Signs Bill to Help Increase High School and College Completion Rates

Governor Kulongoski has signed a legislative bill that is designed to increase high school and college completion rates by offering students the opportunity to pursue dual high school and college credits at no additional cost to the student’s family. This bill is just one educational accomplishment that has come out of the 2005 legislature.

Senate Bill 300 establishes the Expanded Options Program, which will allow students to get a head start on college credit through their high school classes. Some school districts around the state already cover the costs for students attending post-secondary institutions and this new program will ensure this opportunity is available throughout the state.

Governor Kulongoski is changing the debate about education in Oregon. Ending the traditional practice of focusing on education in silos, the Governor instead is moving the entire education system forward as a seamless continuum from pre-school through graduate school and workforce training – creating an “Education Enterprise.” Senate Bill 300 is an example of the education enterprise allowing students the access and opportunity to higher education. This is also an example of the seamless way that secondary and post-secondary education is working together to help the students of Oregon.

Posted on November 29, 2005
Education, Front Page News