We are working hard to create the best education system in the Nation

Governor Kulongoski believes that the key to a strong and prosperous economy is an educated and skilled workforce, and that the single most important investment the state can make to ensure success for Oregon’s future is in education. The Governor has a plan that ensures predictability, stability and investment for all of education, guaranteeing a minimum 10% increase in funding each biennium for all of education, creating a Rainy Day Fund to ensure a floor – not a ceiling – for investment, and an Education Opportunity Fund for additional, targeted investments in the entire education system.

The Governor believes we need to change the debate about education in Oregon. Ending the traditional practice of focusing on education in silos, the Governor instead is moving the entire education system forward as a seamless continuum from pre-school through graduate school and workforce training – creating an “Education Enterprise.” The education enterprise includes: Head Start/Pre-K, K-12, Community Colleges, Oregon University System, Oregon Student Assistance Commission, Department of Education & Oregon Health and Sciences University.

Governor Kulongoski is also committed top make Oregon’s education system a national model. He is committed to raising the bar for Oregon’s high school students and expanding opportunities for more Oregonians to attend a post-secondary institution – doubling the Opportunity Grants for low-income college-bound students, including part-time students for the first time; increasing high school graduation standards; and giving every Oregon student access to rigorous courses through online learning opportunities from Pre-K -20. The Governor also fought for and secured the first capital construction investment for Community Colleges in more than 25 years and the largest investment in new construction and maintenance for four-year universities in the state’s history – creating opportunities for jobs and increasing the number of students served by Oregon’s higher education system.

Posted on October 1, 2005