Our Commitment to the Environment

Governor Kulongoski is committed to curbing the effects of global warming in Oregon, creating an advisory council, developing a West Coast Governor’s regional strategy, and leading the fight to adopt California emissions standards in Oregon – vetoing language in the Department of Environmental Quality budget passed by the legislature to prohibit the implementation of stricter tailpipe emissions and directing DEQ to develop new administrative rules by the end of the year.

The Governor has also launched his Willamette River Initiative based on three-Rs – Repair, cleaning up industrial pollutants/toxins; Restore, returning the river to its natural state; and Recreate, creating opportunities for Oregonians to enjoy and invest in the health of the river. Governor Kulongoski has secured funding to fully implement watershed based permitting to reduce permit backlog to 10% by 2007; finalize and implement the Total Maximum Daily Loads for the Willamette and its sub-basins to improve water quality and ensure compliance with the Clean Water Act; and launch the Willamette Water Trail, which will run from Eugene to Portland, and is on schedule for completion by 2007.

Governor Kulongoski developed a three-part strategy to protect nearly two million roadless acres in Oregon. The Governor’s plan included: filing a lawsuit against the U.S. Forest Service to stop the implementation of the 2005 Roadless Rule; petitioning the Secretary of Agriculture to adopt a streamlined rule for states that want to maintain protections under the 2001 Roadless Rule; and entering into a Memorandum of Agreement with the U.S. Forest Service to give the state a stronger role in developing updated management plans for national forests in Oregon.

Posted on October 1, 2005