Newspapers Across Oregon Endorse Ted

Following on last week's endorsement from the Oregonian, newspapers across the state have declared their support for Governor Ted Kulongoski's reelection bid. Some of those include:

Eugene Register-Guard

In the final year of Kulongoski's first term Oregon has the nation's fifth-fastest rate of job growth, has seen unemployment fall by 3 percentage points, and is generating substantial budgetary surpluses. These conditions, Kulongoski hopes, will allow Oregon to substantially increase funding for education and begin to broaden access to health care.


Kulongoski would stand a better chance than either challenger against a strong Republican nominee. He's the incumbent governor, with an unmatched resumé of public service, having served as a legislator, attorney general, Supreme Court justice and more. He has earned the chance to stand for re-election in November.

Salem Statesman-Journal

Kulongoski is the strongest candidate, his party's best hope for holding on to the governor's office for four more years. ... He gets the connection between the economy and the health of the state's schools, from preschool through higher education. He has been a faithful supporter of Oregon's military families.

Medford Mail-Tribune

Kulongoski has been the captain of a ship that has been foundering, in large part to circumstances far beyond any captain's control. To his credit, he has attempted to build coalitions across party lines, recognized that voters were in no mood for new taxes and taken some tough stances that cost him support among traditional allies.

There were successes along the way. The state emerged from a years-long recession as the governor aggressively pushed for public and private investment in the economy. Oregon lost its designation as "the hungriest state" in the nation and now stands closer to the midpoint in hunger statistics.

Portland Tribune

Democrats should ignore election-year rhetoric that borders on political whininess and vote in the May 16 primary to retain incumbent Gov. Ted Kulongoski as their standard-bearer in the November general election.

Posted on April 30, 2006
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