Kulongoski, Gregoire Kickoff Forum on Regional Economic Development

Ted joined Washington Governor Chris Gregoire Thursday in addressing the opening session of the Bi-State Metropolitan Forum at Portland State University. Both endorsed the need for business and government leaders to take a regional approach to economic development by boosting exports and foreign trade, developing alternate energy sources and encouraging tourism to the region.

As the Oregon Public Broadcasting reported:

In the words of Oregon's Democratic Governor Ted Kulongoski's, Oregon and Washington have much more in common than an abundance of rain and our fixation on strong coffer drinks .

In fact, it reminded Kulongoski of the Paul McCartney song Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey .

Ted Kulongoski: "I want to sing along with the chorus, 'Hands across the water, hands across the sky'. It's a great song. It's a great message. Even though the mighty Columbia River separates Oregon and Washington, not a day goes by when we don't reach out our hands across the water in both directions."

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Posted on March 17, 2006
Economy, Environment