Oregon's Helping Hand

Governor Kulongoski is working hard to give Oregon families a helping hand as he is pulling our economy out of the worst economic slum since the depression. We are working hard to assist low income families to make sure they can come up with the essentials. Under the Governor’s leadership Oregon has moved for the worst in hunger when he was sworn in to the 18th. We are working with other State and Federal agencies, private businesses and local non-profits to make sure Oregonians can have the resources they need so that when the tough times hit they can make it through. The Governor wants to make sure that working families have help with the important expenses that really influence our quality of life. We have helped reduce the cost of child care so families can remain working. We have reduced the hunger rate and continue to make sure everyone in Oregon can get a meal when they need one. The Governor has made a commitment to helping families heat their homes this winter. We are constantly on the look for programs that can make sure families that need assistance are getting that helping hand.